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Spectrum Films, Inc. - Film Production, Grip Services, Lighting Specialists and Video Production

Spectrum Films, Inc. is owned and operated by Jeff Zueger. A South Dakota native and 15 year veteran of the film and video production industry, Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise and passion to every project he is a part of. His resume includes a wide variety of production roles, from director to grip, and everything in between. Let Jeff help make your next project, film or video, sparkle.

Jeff's strength and love lies in Directing and the role of Director of Photography. Jeff possesses strong visual and lighting skills and knows the grip truck like the back of his hand (as he should...he built it.) He has directed and shot over 100 award winning spots over the years...but his favorite spot is the next one he does for you.

Jeff has one huge weakness. He has a hard time saying "No, we can't do that." Ohhh...and chocolate milk & Mars bars.

Andy Worhal Moment:
Jeff's 15 minutes of fame came in the early 90's when he was the grand prize winner on America's Funniest People. Jeff and some friends claim to have brought "bovine mucus" to prime time with the spoof "Virashield" spot. You had to be there.

When Jeff is not rolling film, he is an avid fisherman, enjoys camping and plays guitar...quite badly... but he enjoys it. Jeff is also a music lover and likes long walks at sunset and bubble baths. But that's another story.

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